Visit of Paul Hamlyn Foundation (UK) board members


This program was organized for PHF team to review & analyse progress in implementation of projects they have funded for livelihood development of tribal & Forest Dwelling Communities in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Projects were implemented by Vidarbha Nature Conservation Society. The program started at 12.00 PM and ended at 06:3OPM on 20th of February 2024.


Paulzola visit.


Step 1 Welcome :

The session was started with Welcome of Members of Governing Board of Paul Hamlyn Foundation UK  (PHF) by Women Leadership of Gram sabha paulzola. In a very traditional way by cleaning their feet, tilak , Gifting them traditional Gamchha & Gandhi cap to all members of PHF & Trustees of VNCS.

Welcome of PHF team by Paulzola Gramsabha


Step 2 : Meeting with Gram sabha & CFRMC : Afterwards both the teams of VNCS & PHF lead to the vanue of the meeting. Where Members of Governing Board of PHF had a long discussion with Gram Sabhas Wemens, youth, & elder’s of the village on Work Of VNCS with Gram Sabha, how VNCS helped tribals in claiming their right over the natural resources & Community Forest Area also had discussion on Women Empowerment, Nature Conservation and sustainable development.  Where Mr. Samsai Hidko, gram sabha adhyaksh of Paulzola . spoke about their struggle for CFR & hurdles that came to their way during the whole process. Where gram saabha standed  firmly together and claimed their ownership on community forest area & lake. Mr. Hidko also described how they are using the CFR area for natural regenratoin & lake for fishing. Where VNCS has helped them to form a  hatchery for reducing their expenses on fish seeds.  After a long discussion PHF team went to the lakeside to see fishing demonstration.

Pic; Discussion with Gramsabha Paulzola

Step 3 : Fishing Demonstration.

Soon after discussion with Villagers PHF team went to nearby Lake to see how Gram sabha is taking care of Lake they got from CFR after year of struggle with Government authority. where Gram sabha, Fisheries group members gave them a Demonstration of fishing & how they are using CFR area as a income source & for betterment of the Village community. After all the Discussion & Fisheries Demonstion paulzola PHF team headed Towards sayyam ji house for lunch at 2.00 Pm


Pic; Demonstration of Fishing by fishery group of GS, Paulzola.

Step 3 : Lunch at Paulzola.

All the members of VNCS team & PHF had lunch at the house of Mr. Samsai Hidko adhyaksh of gramsabha Paulzola. After the lunch all the members of both team made their way to Dhamditola.

Dhamditola Visit.

 Step 1 : Grand Welcome at Dhamditola

Dhamditola Visit started with a grand welcome to the PHF team with Drums and traditional tribal Dance where wemen involved female members of PHF in dance with them followed by a traditional dance showing tribal lifestyle with people’s wearing Costume of Tiger, Bear, Langoor and a forest guard.


Step 2 : Meeting & Discussion at Dhamditola.

After the Tilak & welcome of PHF team headed towards Stage, where in Pandal all the members of gramsabha federation from Armori & Deori block were present.

Program at Dhamditola started with a welcome adress by Project Officer Mr. Lalit Bhandarkar, followed by speech of Mr. Narayan Sachiv of group of gram sabha, Deori Block & Anita Salame, Women leader & sachiv of Gram sabha Ganeshpur, Gadchiroli . Where they talked about progress of gram sabha after getting CFR in 2012. Benefits of Lake deepening and increase in the level of groundwater by joint efforts of gramsabha & VNCS for progress of Marginal tribal community.

The speeches was stopped in middle by Mr. Sachin Sachdeva sir,(Member Of PHF team) to have Discussion with sitting members of gramsabha federation form Gondia & Gadchiroli Districts.

Where all the members of Governing Board of PHF & Trustees of VNCS had a long discussion with random gramsabha federation members on their problems, benefits the had by the help & support of VNCS, How they will Protect Jungle and the Ecosystem, what challenges they have in mind while Working for protection of Jal, Jungle Jameen (Land , Forest & water) How will they deal with bigger players like big companies & factory owners if they came to cut the jungle. & On increasing participation of women’s , youth & developing Women’s leadership on village level. The Governing Board Members of PHF had 2 hours long discussion with all the gram sabha federation member. Understanding their stand on nature conservation, regeneration & Human wildlife Conflict.

Vote Of Thanks to all Participants of the Event by Mr. Lalit Bhandarkar, PO VNCS.


Step 3 : Site visits

After a long discussion PHF team headed towards community forest areas to see the work on nature regeneration & Bamboo Plantation. Where Gramsabha explained them how they Took care of community forest area where Forest department had planted Bamboos & gramsabha hired a member for protection of 25 Ha. Land area. Which is now densely covered by Bamboo Plantation. Furthermore they visited to see natural regeneration work where Gramsabha has grown a jungle in 20 Ha. Of land area. By plantation and protected the plantation.

PHF Governing Board Members Questioned Gram sabha members of Dhamditola on their work how they protected community forest area & what are the future plans they have in mind for natural regeneration and Increase Biodiversity in the Community Forest Area.


Day 2 : Roundtable Meeting

On the 2nd day of the event a meeting was held at Roop resort to have a detailed discussion between all the members of VNCS & Members of Governing board of Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The 2 hours long Discusion was started at 9:00Pm and ended at 11:00Pm on 21st of Feb. 2024. Where All members had a discusiion on the future plans of VNCS and how they are going to achive desired result in Strengthening community, creating more Wemen leaders in the designated blocks and involvement of youth at the grassroot level to stop out migration from village. Discussion came to an end with the words of Mr. Thomas Padakudiyil. On their experience of the visit.

  • Outcomes of Event:-

The event would help members of VNCS to identify weaknesses and improve future interactions and collaboration for Livelihood development plans for tribals and response at grassroots level in the target districts. With help & Support From Gov. agencies